The Explosive Co-existance

A zine series about pests insects that compete for the same habitat as humans. The misspelling of existance is used on purpose to imply that we don't acknowledge them, nor are we even interested in them. The series evokes the question of whether humans and these insects can co-exist in the modern age.

The zine shares these three chapters. Life (the features and characteristic of the creature), War (how humans and creatures fight to dominate its habitat) and death (how it got affected by humans).

To emphasize the features of each insect, the master page will be varied in each edition. But to have consistency overall, the format for the cover and the chapters stay the same.

[2nd Edition: Honeybee]


[1st Edition: Cockroach] 125*175mm/20pages/White,Orange

Research, curation, art direction, design, print 2020