︎︎︎ Poster for The...Saver Exhibition (Seoul)


︎︎︎ Poster for ‘Unsited’ by Seoyoung Kwak for Jeonju International Film Festival

︎︎︎ Poster for ‘Around Rocha’s Table’ by Paolo Rocha for Jeonju International Film Festival

︎︎︎ Artwork for an exhibition Manual Mode by Heavy Magazine
9 artists were invited to make ‘layers’ and audiences can collect each layer to make their own posters. 


︎︎︎ Artwork for ESC 002 by INONICA MAGAZINE
Visual interpretation of Kidofmay’s track ‘Main Theme’. 12 artists and 12 musicians were invited as a pair to visualise a track into a graphic work. 

︎︎︎ Mask (Defining Today from OverCurrent)
Things about masks, and the textile of the suffocation

︎︎︎ Future (Defining Today from OverCurrent)
Among 40 answers about the future during the pandemic, I wonder if there is even the better future, and if I can dare to look at it.

︎︎︎ CORONA 
A poster for visual project ‘defining today’ from OverCurrent.

A collage of fire extinguisher taken in Tokyo juxtaposed with a blue oval which represents water as a shield against the fire spirit. 

A poster inspired by the baking process and the impressions of a person.

︎︎︎ 2019 New Year Poster
2019 was the year of Gold Pig in Asia (己亥)