Picking The Clouds 

TDC Tokyo Book Design Nominee 2022

This is an graphic experiment collected in a book called ‘picking the clouds’.
I’ve been trying to place different communication system at the same place without disturbing each other but inclusive and interactive.

More than two different communication languages are considered to place carefully not to interfere to each other as those two are independent. However, when it comes to Morse Code, which is a graphic-shape look, we don’t expect to ‘read’ it like a language and it can easily engage with the text.

The experiment starts from analyzing the space between letters to categorise it into the each Morse Code. However, after several experiments, I used Morse Code into graphic elements to ‘write’ letters are more effective.

This book shows 99 different ways of using graphic elements using Morse Code. Each chapter is ‘written’ in Morse Code, placed within body text with the same hierarchy. The text is taken from ‘Exercise in Style’ by Raymond Queneau. The book consists of three chapters depending on the level of modification of the exisiting Morse Code. It is also possible to check the rule and the titles on the index pages on the last pages. 

128*182mm, 136 pages, glossy paper 100g, 300g.

Research, design _ 2020-2021